Ankh Moldavite Pendant

Gorgeous Ankh graced with four Moldavite crystals and a scarab beetle shank, pure Egyptain and starry energies combined

Goddess in moon Moldavite pendant

Sacred spiral celtic goddess in moon with faceted Moldavite

Trinity Pendant

Two tone silver triquertra pendant, embodiment of maiden, mother, crone, or fool, magician and hermit

Moonstone vesica piscis pendant

Beautiful pentagram encircled with Vesica Pisces, with detailed triquertra on shank, finished with a faceted moonstone. Dreamy, watery powerful protective talisman and star of Venus

Atlantian Laramar Pendant

Atlantian Laramar, a stunning high gem quality Laramar set in solid silver. Perfect for the water goddess, for healers, for reiki. Dance within its turquoise waters and dreamy clouds. Emotional tranquillity, creativity and flow

Turquoise Angel heart Pendant

Turquoise Angel heart set in solid silver, with three beautifully faceted, hung on a necklace of pearls. Our watery neptunian, Atlantian theme continues with this master vibrational healing piece. Draw down the moon, draw in water healing energy, work with the pendants energies. Aquamarine, the stone of courage, enabling clear sight, clear speech, finely tuning your spiritual awareness. Turquoise stone of wisdom and beauty, gifting love, kindness and understanding. Combined with mermaids jewels, the pearl, offering protection, integrity and wisdom. What a combination


libyan ring

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Jewelled Amythyst fairy

Jewelled Amythyst fairy, collectors edition, fae of the healing stone


The sleeping fairy

Resting in the glade, this delightful fairy princess sleeps on the bough, above the trickling sounds of a gentle stream


You shall go to the ball, let me gloss your wings

wolf fairie

Wolf fae, lunar, deep, loving. Representing trust, loyalty and wisdom


beautiful fairy and her small companion sitting on an old tire. Magic is everywhere!

Woodland Fairie

Woodland Fae tattooed and pierced, wild and free atop her stag



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fairie door

Stunning fairy door, intricate, magical and one of a kind


fae and dragon

Stunning fae and Dragon, earthern fairiy connecting to the Wildwoods, protecting the flora and fauna and all woodland sentient beings with her divine water dragon


Roz Quartz

Roz Quartz

Rose Quartz is a quartz stone considered as one of Aphrodite's stones...

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Quartz is the strongest and the most powerful crystal that exists on ...

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Libyan golden tektite

Libyan golden tektite

The Labyan Golden Tactite is a light yellow and translucent stone ...

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A magical and powerful mineral made up of 70 percent water and ...

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moonstone is a very powerful stone which has a magical effect...

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‏When we founded this shop we had an intention - to bring back the magic, to reawaken the anciant ways, to honour Nature and Her beings and to allow the .mystery of the Wildwood touch the hearts of all who crossed this threshold
Our shop's totem is the white Stag teaching us to walk softly on the LAND, trust in our guidance into the SACRED and be aware of the MAGIC in each moment of our life
‏But we are not only a shop. We are a COMMUNITY.
‏Beloved tribe! To all of us who are awakening to the MAGIC and are not ashamed to show it. To all of us who want to radiate their BEAUTY to the world. To all of us who are struggling in secret. To all of us who wonder into the woods in honour of Fairies, Nature spirits, Dragons and the Powers of the Land
This sacred space is for us