Ankh Moldavite Pendant

Gorgeous Ankh graced with four Moldavite crystals and a scarab beetle shank, pure Egyptain and starry energies combined

Goddess in moon Moldavite pendant

Sacred spiral celtic goddess in moon with faceted Moldavite

Libyan Golden Tektite Pendant

Dreamy Libyan Gold Tektite pendant. Favourite stone of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Created by a meteor impact in the desert

Trinity Pendant

Two tone silver triquertra pendant, embodiment of maiden, mother, crone, or fool, magician and hermit

Moonstone vesica piscis pendant

Beautiful pentagram encircled with Vesica Pisces, with detailed triquertra on shank, finished with a faceted moonstone

Turquoise Angel heart Pendant

Turquoise Angel heart set in solid silver, with three beautifully faceted, hung on a necklace of pearls

Vesica Pisces Amythyst Pendant

vesica pisces, in solid silver with gold overtone flower of life. Centred with a beautiful faceted Amythyst, queen of the healing stones. What a powerful combination

Shungite and Aquamarine vesica pendant

Shungite detoxifyies, and purifyies your body by absorbing and eliminating any negative energies or anything that is health hazardous to the body.


Libyan Golden Tektite ring

Dreamy Libyan Gold Tektite ring. Favourite stone of the Egyptian Pharaohs

Golden Rutilated Quartz ring

Cleanse, purify & amplify your energy with Angel's Hair

Black Diamond ring set in Silver and Gold

a Black Diamond set in Silver and Gold. A black diamond is also called the stone of Transcendence. Found in Afrika, Brazil and india, this is a rare crystal that holds unbelievable potency



Lady Of The Moon

Lady of the moon, allow her in, let her dance with your emotions, cleansing, healing, sweeping the old away with a flutter of her wings, making room for all which is to come...

The sleeping fairy

Resting in the glade, this delightful fairy princess sleeps on the bough, above the trickling sounds of a gentle stream

Wolf Fairie

Wolf fae, lunar, deep, loving. Representing trust, loyalty and wisdom

Jewelled Amythyst Fairy

Jewelled Amythyst fairy, collectors edition, fae of the healing stone

Woodland Fairie

Woodland Fae tattooed and pierced, wild and free atop her stag

Deer Fairie

Her playful companion, she acknowledges the sacredness of the Stag, annointing him with flowers and jewels, bringing to him an offering of wild berries

Magic Fairie

beautiful fairy and her small companion sitting on an old tire. Magic is everywhere

Dragon Fairie

beautiful fairy and her small companion sitting on an old tire. Magic is everywhere!

Lily of the valley fairy

Our Lily of the valley fairy, just beautiful, with dew hanging from a flower. So delicate

Fairy realm door

Fairy realm door in hand made porcelain. A collector's piece and simply divine

Ocean fairy

Riding on her Sea Dragon... here comes a beautiful Ocean being to bless our life with the beauty and magic of the Sea

magical fairies

magical fairies


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Anointing Oils

Anointing oils


Crow priestess # shape shifting channeling & alchemy # magic # enchantment



Courage & confidence # finding soul path # isis invocation # tranformation # soul awakening


Sacred Earth

Grounding # creativity # confidence # sunsuality # channe l& direct # energy



Spiritual development # elemental work # communication # vortex energy opens third eye


Black Amber

Protection # invoking spirit of nature # inner knowing # kundalini awakening # stone circle magic



Roz Quartz

Roz Quartz

Rose Quartz is a quartz stone considered as one of Aphrodite's stones...

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Quartz is the strongest and the most powerful crystal that exists on ...

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Libyan golden tektite

Libyan golden tektite

The Labyan Golden Tactite is a light yellow and translucent stone ...

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A magical and powerful mineral made up of 70 percent water and ...

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Amethyst is a stone used in the stimulation of the Crown Chakra, good for helping with...

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moonstone is a very powerful stone which has a magical effect...

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Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone helps us to remember our true nature and allows the Crown Chakra ...to open

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‏When we founded this shop we had an intention - to bring back the magic, to reawaken the anciant ways, to honour Nature and Her beings and to allow the mystery of the Wildwood touch the hearts of all who crossed this threshold.

Our shop's totem is the white Stag teaching us to walk softly on the land, trust in our guidance into the sacred and be aware of the magic in each moment of our life

‏But we are not only a shop. We are a community.
‏Beloved tribe! To all of us who are awakening to the magic and are not ashamed to show it. To all of us who want to radiate their beauty to the world. To all of us who are struggling in secret. To all of us who wonder into the woods in honour of Fairies, Nature spirits, Dragons and the Powers of the Land
This sacred space is for us