Jewelled Amythyst fairy

Jewelled Amythyst fairy, collectors edition, fae of the healing stone


The sleeping fairy

Resting in the glade, this delightful fairy princess sleeps on the bough, above the trickling sounds of a gentle stream


You shall go to the ball, let me gloss your wings

wolf fairie

Wolf fae, lunar, deep, loving. Representing trust, loyalty and wisdom


beautiful fairy and her small companion sitting on an old tire. Magic is everywhere!

Woodland Fairie

Woodland Fae tattooed and pierced, wild and free atop her stag



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fairie door

Stunning fairy door, intricate, magical and one of a kind


fae and dragon

Stunning fae and Dragon, earthern fairiy connecting to the Wildwoods, protecting the flora and fauna and all woodland sentient beings with her divine water dragon