Ankh Moldavite Pendant

Gorgeous Ankh graced with four Moldavite crystals and a scarab beetle shank, pure Egyptain and starry energies combined

Goddess in Moon Moldavite Pendant

Sacred spiral celtic goddess in moon with faceted Moldavite

Vesica Pisces Amythyst Pendant

Vesica pisces, in solid silver with gold overtone flower of life. Centred with a beautiful faceted Amythyst, queen of the healing stones. What a powerful combination

Shungite and Aquamarine Vesica Pendant

Shungite detoxifyies, and purifyies your body by absorbing and eliminating any negative energies or anything that is health hazardous to the body.

Libyan Golden Tektite Pendant

Dreamy Libyan Gold Tektite pendant. Favourite stone of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Created by a meteor impact in the desert

Labyrinth Pendant with Moonstone

Some people see it as the journey one must take within themselves, to discover their own centre or the deep knowledge

Trinity Pendant

Two tone silver triquertra pendant, embodiment of maiden, mother, crone, or fool, magician and hermit

Turquoise Angel heart Pendant

Turquoise Angel heart set in solid silver, with three beautifully faceted, hung on a necklace of pearls

Triscal Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone

Elegant Sterling Silver Pendant in the shape of the ancient Celtic Triscal - a powerful protection symbol. Comes with three gem quality Rainbow Moonstones

Quartz Dragon Pendant

Double headed power dragon, with powerfully clear, inclusion free quartz, rare and beautifully energetic, do you need connection to the higher realms and dragon protectio

Vesica Pisces Angel

Sterling silver and gold-plated pendant with an Angel holding Vesica Pisces motif. Set with a gem quality Rainbow Moonstone and a trinity symbol on the loop.

Moonstone and Amethyst Pendant

Connect with the beautiful energies of Moonstone and amethyst whilst wearing this beautiful pendan

Moonstone Vesica Piscis Pendant

Beautiful pentagram encircled with Vesica Pisces, with detailed triquertra on shank, finished with a faceted moonstone

Divine Moonstone Pendant

Reveal & illuminate the Divine Feminine Goddess you are...with the luminescent energies of Moonstone.

Bronze Vesica Piscis

Bronze Vesica Piscis, two identical circles interlock each other and symbolises the perfect union of spirit and matter or heaven and earth.

Merlinite Pendant

Dreamy Merlinite, stone of wisdom, attracting powerful magic and good fortune, known to stimulate deep intuition

Moonstone Vesica Pisces Pendant

As above so below is the message of the Vescica Pisces, an ancient sacred symbol of union of heaven,earth,spirit and matter

Libyan Tektite Winged Scarab Pendant

Hand carved scarab beetle from the highest quality Libyan Gold Tektite set with gem quality Rubies! Sterling silver/Gold plated. based on the famous piece worn by Tutankhamun in his sarcophagus!

Peridot Vesica Pisces Pendant

The beautiful Vesica Pisces , with a peridot stone set in the centre.  As above so below, let’s live in perfect harmony

Quartz Merkabah Flower of Life Pendant

One of the most popular ancient symbols, The Flower Of Life comprised of intertwined circles. This pendant is about focus and mastering the path of divinity. Combined with the Quartz Merkabah, it promotes perfect balance and harmony


Libyan Golden Tektite ring

Dreamy Libyan Gold Tektite ring. Favourite stone of the Egyptian Pharaohs

Golden Rutilated Quartz ring

Cleanse, purify & amplify your energy with Angel's Hair

Black Diamond ring set in Silver and Gold

a Black Diamond set in Silver and Gold. A black diamond is also called the stone of Transcendence. Found in Afrika, Brazil and india, this is a rare crystal that holds unbelievable potency

Uvarovite (Green Garnet) ring

Uvarovite (Green Garnet) promotes individuality without egocentricity and, at the same time, links the soul to its universal nature. Uvarovite stimulates the heart chakra and promotes and enhances spiritual relationships. This is a calm and peaceful stone, helpful in enabling

Malachite ring.

Malachite works with the heart chakra, opens you up to readily give and receive love.



moonstone earrings

Connect with the beautiful energies of Moonstone while wearing this beautiful earrings


Pink Tourmaline bracelet

Pink Tourmaline is an extraordinary crystal for cleansing your emotional body of destructive feelings

Garnet bracelets

Granet is one of the most practical stones which can help us to be in a stable and balanced place in our daily life


Quartz pendulum

fabulous Wildwood pendulums, gorgeous master healer quartz acorn with a stunning quartz point